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Web Design - Pricing

Pricing for web sites will vary, but they are usually between $100 and $500 per page. There are several factors that affect this. These include the complexity of pages, the amount of client interaction, and the development of a site theme. Unfortunately we can not give a quote over the phone, but we can provide an estimate. For a quote we would need either face to face or email interaction. All quotes are obligation free.

Page Complexity
Pages can range from basic XHTML ($100) to complex dynamic content full of calculations and database connectivity ($500) and everywhere in between. After initial discussions you will be given a list of pages to be in your site and their related individual cost.
Client Interaction
Initial client interaction is free. It is important for the client and us to get an accurate representation of what the client wants in their website. Once this has been achieved a requirements document will be compiled and each party will sign it. This basically outlines the entire website, what it will contain and the charge for the entire site and the cost of the individual components of it. Any major changes after this will be charged for. Any minor changes may be free of charge if they are kept to a minimum. We are not inflexible but free of charge changes are at our discretion. In any case, no fees will be applied without discussions of the fees with the client first.
Theme Development
Nearly all web sites have a common graphical theme that is prevelant on all pages of the site. The cost of developing this theme really depends on the client. If your business or company already has a theme that you would like to transfer to the web site the costs of this will be minimal, especially if you already have that theme in a digital medium. Basic graphical design can be done by tws but if you require graphics of a truly professional nature then we can recommend you to a graphical designer or liase with one on your behalf. As you can tell the cost of this development can vary greatly and will be discussed with clients individually.

The above pricings are for new web sites. If you already have a web site and need it maintained, revamped, or made XHTML compliant then we can do that too.

Site Revamping
The process for determing the cost of a site revamp is basically the same as for a new site.
Site Maintenance
Need to change the content of your site constantly but you think the cost is too high? Contact us. Our rates are extremely competitive and work out to around $20 an hour for a site that needs to be regularly updated. Once off maintenance rates are higher but still very competitive.
XHTML Compliancy
XHTML is a language that promotes cross browser and cross platform compatibility. If your site is not XHTML compliant then a client with Internet Explorer on a Windows machine may see a totally different result compared to a client on a Macintosh machine using Mozilla. This can at the very least make the site look unprofessional and at the worst make the site erroneous which means the information and/or product you are promoting is not getting to your client. We can convert your site for between $10 - $50 a page depending on the size of the pages involved. If you are unsure if your site is XHTML compliant contact us and we will test it and show you the results for free.