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Web Hosting - Overview

To publish your web site on to the internet your files need to be placed on a web server. This is where a web host is needed. To the left you can see the range of affordable web hosting plans that Total Web Solutions offer.

Some of the features listed under the plans will be new to most clients. Usually you will only know of these features if you require them and some are included automatically to ease the use of your web hosting experience. In most cases a client will only need to consider the number of email addresses required, the amount of storage space needed, and the anticipated data transfer per month.

Below is a description of these three considerations. If you are still unsure as to which plan you require please feel free to contact Total Web Solutions for an obligation free appraisal of your web hosting needs.

Email Addresses
The number of email addresses you require will depend on your situation and perhaps the number of employees you have. The email addresses will have your domain name as a suffix. For example Total Web Solutions email addresses can be john@totalwebsolutions.com.au or support@totalwebsolutions.com.au, etc. Although the suffix is determined by your domain name the prefixes are for you to decide and can be changed by you as required. This makes your email addresses more flexible than the ones available from your ISP.
Storage Space
Storage space is commonly used by three components. The amount of space that your web site files use, your database files, and your email boxes prior to emails being downloaded to your local computer(s). The amount of space that your web site files use can be found by checking the properties of the folder that these files are contained. Database files are usually negligible but need to be taken into account. Clients using a database will normally be able to determine how large these files are for themselves. A good rule of thumb for email boxes is to allow five megabytes per box. Email boxes can get bulky over the weekend period.
Data Transfer
This is the transfer of data to and from your web site. Our two cheapest plans offer six gigabytes of transfer per month which is very generous by most competitor's standards and is all most of our clients need. However, if your web site is data or traffic intensive then it would be more efficient to go for a ten gigabyte plan. High data intensity is usually only achieved by sites with high amounts of multimedia.