Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions we get asked more frequently than others.  Below we’ve put together an FAQ section that will hopefully answer some of yours.
How much does a website cost in Perth?

In 2021 there more options than ever for getting up and running with a website.  But how much does it cost?  $1400? $2700?  $5000?  $50,000?

The truth is that it can be all of these.  The total cost is determined by the type of website required, and by the quality and ‘feel’ of the end result required.

Not helpful?  Read on, hopefully we can answer some of your questions.  It’s unfortunately not a one word answer.

What type of Website do I need?
Perhaps the best way to answer this is to split the website types:

  • DIY build personal website
  • Basic professional website
  • Middle of the road website
  • Basic eCommerce website
  • Top end corporate website
  • Large eCommerce website
  • Multinational eCommerce website

What do you want from your website?  This is the first question to ask.

The cost increases as the list progresses, from a few hundred dollars to many hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for complex multinational websites that we would expect to have millions of visitors per month.

Hopefully you can see one or two possible options from the list above that might fit your requirements.

How do I build my own website?

If you don’t have a huge budget, can you build your own website?  Well, yes.  If you have a tight budget and lots of spare time this could be an option for you.  You will certainly need a great deal of spare time to learn the complexities of even the most basic website building software.  So the required learning curve is one of the down sides – I’ve heard of people taking days to achieve simple feats such as placing a logo correctly or adding a few photographs. The down side is that it can be very difficult to get a professional feel.  If these two factors are not a problem for you, then building your own website could be the way to go.  Check out WordPress, Squarespace or Joomla.  But we suggest asking us about our template websites – these are simple websites into which we can fit any personalised text or images you desire, with no/little design effort, so keeping costs down for our customers.

Do I just need a basic website?

We get less requests for these than you might expect.  Most people when they look at their requirements usually need at least a few unique features.  But if you want a simple, three page website with a few photographs, some text, your contact details and perhaps a contact form then this option is for you.  Well-designed basic websites are quick loading, have a clean quality look and feel, and put the information right in front of the viewer.  A website like this costs between $1400 and $5000 in Australia. It is possible to get quoted less for this by competitors, but these websites are usually created overseas by a third party where the labour costs are lower and hosted on overseas servers causing slow page loading times.  While this might work out well, most clients would prefer not to take the risk and instead work with a local designer hosting on local servers.

I want a middle of the road website for my small business

About 90% of our work comes from small businesses, start-up businesses and sole traders who want a quality middle of the road website that ticks all the boxes.  They usually have a few specific requirements and would like some input into how the website will look and feel.

Most clients will likely spend between $2000 and $7000 on a website like this.  If it’s an eCommerce website then the brackets will move up accordingly.

If you want a simple website and have all the information ready to go, or you need a refresh of an existing website, $1400 might even cover the costs.

The variance in the price covers the different aspects of a website that different clients might require.  Chat with us so you don’t end up paying for functionality that you don’t need.

I want someone who can work on my website when needed. Do you accommodate for this?

About a third of our work is ongoing work for existing clients. Many websites are always on the move, changing and updating, and growing a website is an excellent path to an increase in traffic and therefore sales.

We have built an amazing relationship with our clients, and invoice periodically for work completed on an ongoing basis.